love like an artist


“Love many things,

for therein lies the true strength,

and whosoever loves much performs much,

and can accomplish much,

and what is done in love

is done well.”

- Vincent Van Gogh


Over and over again, I’ve witnessed it:

when people discover their creativity, their life completely changes. 

They enter a world of enchantment.

Everything that had seemed mundane, ordinary, or even invisible to them, becomes fascinating, worthy of closer attention, spellbinding.

When I teach still life drawing, my students may say, “I’m falling in love with this apple!”

They suddenly become aware of the quirky, unique and adorable characteristics of the specific apple they have been studying.

Or they say, “I never noticed shadows before, and now I see them everywhere! Shadows are beautiful!”

Their eyes glow, their faces soften, their voices are dreamy with wonder and amazement.

It’s as if they have entered a secret world that has always been there, but was simply out of sync with them, and they were just out of step with the magic.

When you learn to draw from observation, you learn to see, deeply, looking into the truth of things, beyond the illusions of your assumed perceptions.

My students are often stunned by the things they learn when they draw… that shadows are everywhere; that appearances change depending on your point of view; that the more you look the more you see.

Layers upon layers of discovery become apparent, waiting to unpeel with each new level of appreciation.

Universes reveal themselves.

Nothing is as it seems at first glance, but is slowly known over time, through careful observation and relationship.

Isn’t this how love is?


"There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

- Vincent Van Gogh


When you first see or meet someone, there might be some mysterious quality that piques your interest. Over time, as you get to know the other person, you learn more about them. You learn what makes them unique and special. Your heart opens more and more, and your love and fondness deepen.

An artist sees the beauty in everyone. Whether their beauty is of a conventional nature, or even if someone’s features appear ugly or grotesque, the artist will find something compelling and attractive because it is unique and special.

As the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

If you open your eyes to beautiful possibilities, you will see them.

When you open your eyes, you open your mind and your heart.

You become curious, and with your openness . . . previously invisible beauty becomes perceptible.

Just like my students who finally see shadows, you awaken to the beauty that has always been there. 

When you can fall in love with anything at any given moment, and be stunned by a mundane scene, then you have achieved real art.

The true art is your own heart opening like a flower to the beauty of life.

It doesn’t matter if you put it on a canvas or write a poem or song or what have you.

Love is the true art, and it motivates the artist to create.

What we create is an expression of what is already within us.

When you open yourself to the wonder, you will fill yourself and your whole being with love of creation and your cup will overflow. 

This is how to connect with the source of divine creative love energy.

And what comes next is realizing that you are not separate from that, and that this source of creativity is creating you, and creates through you.

Then you can’t help but love yourself too.

When I was reborn as an artist, I naturally grew to love myself, although I had never loved myself before.

I understood my role in the natural flow of creative energy coursing through life. I finally understood that I am a precious divine being.

I saw clearly through the lies and illusions of certain relationships in my life, that were supposed to be loving, but really weren’t.

I left those relationships. And when I did that, real love poured into my life and heart.

Love from myself.

Love from new friendships and relationships.

Love from strangers and angels I encountered everywhere.

I could see and feel love everywhere, and I still can, because I am truly alive and awake and aware and to the magic everywhere all around me and within me.

Beginning a creative practice awakened me to this love.

Maintaining my creative practice has deepened and strengthened my connection to this love.

Creative love has transformed my life and now I expect nothing less than love, caring and respect . . . from myself and others. And that is what I receive, in endless flow.

You don’t have to be an artist, to love. But tapping into your creativity can help you to love and appreciate life, yourself, and everything in the world more

I know this to be true . . . because I have facilitated and witnessed this awakening in so many of my clients and students, and it’s been pure magic to be a part of.

If you’re human, you can be creative, you can experience this cosmic, mystical love simply by tuning up your awareness.

I truly believe this is every human being’s potential, and it’s the way to evolve in life.

That’s why I get so much joy from teaching art and coaching people to make their dreams come true.

Rosa Phoenix