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are you ready to live a more inspired life?


Art Classes

Intuitive, gentle guidance for beginners and developing artists.

I don't just teach you technical skills; I also teach you practices to mindfully overcome the creative challenges that inevitably come up in everyone's art practice.

I offer instruction in the form of private lessons, small group classes and workshops.


Creativity Coaching

Coaching is a unique supportive relationship that can help you to move forward with making your creative dreams a reality.

Developing a conscious creative practice with the help of a coach can enrich your life, and your art, in myriad ways.

Together we will uncover and explore your highest potential!



Guided art and nature retreats help you reconnect and replenish with your creative source.

Slow down, breathe deeply, and get into the creative flow. 

From half-day mini retreats to multi-day full retreats, these solo or group getaways include art, writing, nature walks, yoga and meditation.