rosa phoenix

Artist, Teacher and Creativity Coach


I'm here to help awaken your own inner wisdom, creativity and artistry.

It doesn't matter if you do or don't consider yourself to be creative.

Since 2011, I've guided hundreds of people on their artistic journey, teaching them how to draw, paint, and tune into the beauty of the present moment.

Most of these people were absolute beginners who never dreamed it was possible to be creative.

I've given them the gifts of self-discovery, self-expression, and a peaceful way to connect to their soul through the world of images, colors and creative flow. 


I don’t just teach art. I share the tools I’ve used to help myself through my own blocks and cultivate my own creativity.


Tools like mindfulness, breath work, intuitive art, writing, gentle movement, and guided visualizations.

Combined with the creative process of art-making, these practices form the foundation for a beautiful way to awaken to the magic and beauty of life.

Creating art has helped to heal my spiritual and emotional wounds and transformed my world.

My students and coaching clients report that they find relief from grief, pain and trauma, through the practice of creating art.


My gift is to help you discover and claim your own creative power.


I believe in you.





I have worked as an art instructor, workshop facilitator and private tutor since 2011. I founded, owned and operated a small community art school in Phoenix, Arizona that was open from 2014 until 2017. My art classes have been featured in local media including Arizona State University’s student news.

I’ve worked with adults, teens, university students (as a guest lecturer at The New School University in New York, NY), elders (for the City of Phoenix, Arizona) and cancer patients and their caregivers (in therapeutic settings).

I have served on the Board of Directors of the Graphic Artists Guild - Northern California chapter, and have been a member of Urban Sketchers and the Arizona Artists Guild Life Drawing Group.

My art has exhibited at Elisabeth Jones Art Center in Portland, Oregon.

I am a member of the Creativity Coaching Association. I began my creativity coaching practice in 2018 while studying with Dr. Eric Maisel. I have Reiki 2 (energy healing) certification.

I live in Portland, Oregon.





Her approach is

patient, collaborative, encouraging, 

and most of all,

discovery and journey inducing.



 She puts passion into the present moment

when she is with you.

I've learned a great deal about how to honor

that whatever shows up in me

that it is perfect.

- Alicia


Very patient and gentle teacher. 

The environment was very pleasant 

and allowed me to disconnect a little 

from the outside world.

- Ros


A gifted individual

with the ability to assess, instruct

and encourage people. 

It is rare to find a talented artist

who possesses the patience and compassion

you will find in her.

- James