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creativity coaching


want a more creative life?


What if you could re-awaken your most creative, passionate and aware self? 


What if you could neutralize creativity-killers like self-judgment and perfectionism, and create with a fearless, liberated spirit?


What if you could loosen up and be expressive and free in your art?


What if you could connect with your inner child and your muses, and create by playing, having fun and allowing inspiration to flow effortlessly through you?


What if you could learn new ways of being, to awaken your intuition and imagination?


there are ways to re-spark that sense of wonder.


I've coached artists with decades of experience to re-connect with their source and see from new perspectives.


I've coached artists who had not created for many years, to comfortably step into their creative selves again.


I’ve coached beginner artists to embark on their creative journeys with confidence and joy.

And I’ve coached non-artists to manifest their visions by creating new projects, businesses and ways of living their lives.

Together we create a safe, supportive space and partnership, to achieve your highest potential and make your creative dreams come true.


what will you do when you are free to create?


Magic happens when you partner with a caring coach.


When we feel safe, accepted and loved, we can follow our hearts, and express our own unique truth.


We can experience healing, connection and joy through creative inquiry, and doing the deep inner work of strengthening our spirits.


My intention is to hold sacred space for creatives, so you can tune in to your inner wisdom, your source of creativity.


get the support you need



Creativity can be a portal and pathway to self-awareness, self-discovery and strengthening the spirit. 


We can travel in the vast world of the imagination and dreams. We can allow ourselves to be surprised, moved, inspired and awakened.


Partnering with a caring creativity coach, and setting soul-centered intentions are powerful tools to support an artistic practice.






is this for you?


Creativity coaching can help you:

  • Re-charge your mind, body and spirit by connecting with your creative self.

  • Learn ways to navigate through mental blocks like self-doubt, self-criticism, and perfectionism.

  • Access the flow state, a blissful experience of deeply relaxed, meditative and peaceful focus that is restorative and healing to body, mind and spirit.

  • Experience the freedom of creative play and experimentation without judgment.

  • Think in a different way.

  • Get helpful feedback when you ask for it.

  • Be supported in a safe and caring relationship.




Please drop me a note through the Contact page, to inquire about Creativity Coaching.