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learn to create


do you dream of being an artist?


Do you feel most alive when you see something beautiful in art or nature?


Do you long to express yourself in the language of colors and images?


Do you want to feel more passion, wonder and awe?


Do you want to experience again the creative freedom, imagination and infinite possibility that you enjoyed as a child?



That longing is your soul's desire, guiding you toward your creativity.





What if you could bring into your life: more fun, magic, beauty and peace?


What if you could become more: inspired, creative, passionate, sensual and confident?


What if you could explore the vast inner worlds of your intuition and imagination, and learn who you truly are?


What if you could effortlessly enter the state of flow, which is a blissful experience of focused, peaceful, energized awareness?


What if you could reduce stress and anxiety and feel more positive emotions?


there is a way.

the way is called art.


You might be thinking, "but I'm not an artist" or "I'm not creative."

But you can be.

I've guided hundreds of people on their artistic journey, and most had no artistic experience at all.

You don't need to be born with talent or have any special ability.

It just takes some simple shifts in seeing and being, and a guide to show you the way.



what would you do if you knew you could create anything?



The programs I lead are much more than art classes.


I'm a gifted artist and I can teach people very naturally and quickly.

And . . . there's so much more to being an artist than learning about pencils, paper, paints and brushes!


I teach you the way of being creative, so inspiration and ideas flow through you naturally and effortlessly.


I show you how to navigate through fear and resistance, with methods that include guided visualizations, breath work, gentle movement, writing and creative art exercises.

And yes, we do learn and practice art skills, too, so that you will have a strong foundation to take it to the next level.



learn to create


The following offerings may be available. Please subscribe to my newsletter through the Contact page to receive updates. Or, contact me for scheduling classes or private instruction.


  • Introduction to Intuitive Art Class

    8 week (2 hours once per week) intensive small group program for beginners.

  • Self-Discovery Through Art Journaling Class

    8-week (2 hours once per week) intensive small group program.

  • Mindful Drawing Class

    10-week (3 hours once per week) intensive small group program for beginners.

  • Private art instruction individually tailored to your needs and interests. Tuition $150 per 2 hour session.

  • Workshops, events and retreats may occasionally be offered that are suitable for all levels of artistic experience and ability.