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Learn to Draw / Paint - Various Dates and Times


* UPDATE: Rosa Phoenix Art Studio and Inner Wisdom Art Studio are closed and I've moved to Portland, Oregon. Thank you for your support. *



Since 2011, I've guided hundreds of people on their artistic journey, teaching them how to draw, paint, and tune into the beauty of the present moment.

I've given them the gifts of self-discovery, self-expression, and a peaceful way to connect to their spirit through the world of images, colors and creative flow. 

I know from experience that anyone can be an artist.

I've seen the transformation happen again and again.

If you love art, and you are curious and open to new possibilities for yourself, then I invite you to join me on a beautiful journey to explore the world of art creation!

Beginner and intermediate level drawing and painting instruction. In your home or office in the Phoenix, Arizona area, or (coming soon) online.

*The art studio is closed. I am only able to teach at your location currently.

Private instruction may be available. Please inquire through the Contact page.





Rosa cares about her art students.

She puts passion into the present moment

when she is with you.

I've learned a great deal

about how to honor

that whatever shows up in me

that it is perfect.

- Alicia



Rosa is a gentle spirit 

and provides an open and

welcoming forum for creating. 

I like that I am free to do my own thing 

or follow a more structured class program. 

It is an encouraging and positive environment for classes.

- Kathy


As an absolute beginner,

I was very nervous to take a drawing class.

This was the perfect place for me to begin!

Rosa is a talented, knowledgeable, and gentle teacher

who demonstrates the techniques,

designs manageable lessons,

and offers helpful suggestions.

The atmosphere was calm, encouraging and fun. 

- Diane



Her approach is patient, collaborative, encouraging, 

and most of all, discovery and journey inducing.

- Karen



Very patient and gentle teacher. 

The environment was very pleasant 

and allowed me to disconnect a little 

from the outside world.

- Ros


If you are wanting to get your feet wet

with drawing and are terrified . . . 

this is the place to start! 

Rosa is a talented, encouraging

and supportive teacher 

and you'll love it.

- Sandy



A gifted individual

with the ability to assess, instruct

and encourage people . . . 

It is rare to find a talented artist

who possesses the patience and compassion

you will find in her.

- James



I love drawing.

It is very relaxing.

An excellent teacher, she made it easy.

- Frances